Room Escape Ottawa – Serial Killer Charade Reviewed by Errol – Reviewed by Mike


E4G, or “Escapers 4G” is a group of Chinese-Canadian girls who have a passion for escaping and want to share their experiences with others. Except… sometimes they’re not the ones writing the reviews…

So we’re already off to a bit of a rocky start. This review group comprises 4 girls, and yet the review is written by a man named Errol? Aye aye aye, talk about confusing. Let’s set that aside for a moment and get into the actual review.

review screenshotEscapers 4G has an undeniably appealing website. The flower logo oozes personality, and even better, represents the 4 girls (again… none of whom wrote this review for some reason). They get high scores for the visual pleasantness of their review icons. Others use stars, locks or keys, but I really appreciate the minimalist approach of just dashes to indicate how far up the 0-10 scale the score is. Even more impressive is they’ve mapped those linear scores onto a circle, not unlike the way a speedometer tells you you’re going a faster speed when the needle is further clockwise.

Errol, the gentleman stepping in for the girls on this review (???), tries to hook us with an intro about visiting relatives in Ottawa, which is a big no-no. We already know the facility is in Ottawa, and we want to hear a teaser about the game rather than the nature of the trip, so this is essentially a wasted sentence and doesn’t leave me wanting to read the review!

The font used is Lucida Sans Unicode (often confused with Lucida Grande); a fairly middle-of-the-road choice, but highly readable nonetheless. The size may be a little small for those with even mildly impaired eyesight, so be warned you may have to tap “Ctrl +” on your keyboard a few times.

The writing style is serviceable. I definitely get the gist of what’s going on, but I’d prefer a little more imagery so I could feel more immersed in the review. Maybe a bit of a narrative would help (but please, no more about the family Ottawa trip!). The review comes in at a whopping 3.95 on the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level test. I think readers of reviews of escape rooms might be looking for something a little juicier to whet their literary appetites, but this is certainly up for debate. I’ve met a lot of review readers who actually prefer simpler writing.

Comprehensiveness is where this review loses a lot of points. Unfortunately, I came away from the review knowing next to nothing about the room, as Errol seemed more interested in boasting about this being his 100th room (hard to believe, but he mentions this not once, but TWICE). You’re telling me it’s creepy? Why? You’re telling me the props were good? What were they? More about that and less about how neat it was watching your friends play!

Errol gets high scores for unbiasedness, but not for the reason you might think. He didn’t even have the opportunity to present bias because he was too busy talking about irrelevant stuff!

This is a bit of a departure for Escapers 4G, and maybe not a welcome one. While Errol does show some potential, I look forward to Escapers 4G taking back the reins.


Thanks, and happy escape review reading!


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4 thoughts on “Room Escape Ottawa – Serial Killer Charade Reviewed by Errol – Reviewed by Mike

  1. I tried complaining to Errol about his review writing once, but he just said it was meant to be that way and “people” enjoyed it. Where are these so-called people? Also, his reviews never explain what an escape room is, which makes it “outside of the review” knowledge, something which I really don’t like to see. The only plus side is that he’s a very attentive reviewer – if you make any comment on any form of social media, you’ll get an almost instant response. So often you get reviewers who are too busy with their other jobs to notice anything you’re doing – it’s a refreshing change.


    1. I definitely agree on all points. And he mentions his “daughter” Ekko? Talk about needing outside knowledge! How the hell am I supposed to know what a daughter is without some kind of family label taxonomy key somewhere else in the review?


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